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Renting a home means making a place to live for your entire family. If this includes a pet, you need to take their needs into account just as much as anyone else’s.  In many cases, you have to disclose to landlords whether you own animals. Doing so allows property owners to take steps to safeguard the property from pet damage. READ MORE >>

Making a film of any kind often means some form of on-location shooting. Whether you’re filming a documentary, drama or infomercial, you might use someone else’s property to help set the scene. Whenever you film on location, you have the potential to damage someone else’s property. READ MORE >>

Louisiana startups rarely start with a list of business insurance they will need to be successful. Instead, they generally begin with a big idea and way to fulfill a need in the market. One type of insurance protects the organization as it is under development as well as the people with the big ideas. READ MORE >>

Renters often have questions about coverage. A common one is: Who should pay for damage or loss to a renter's belongings should a fire or flood happen? The simple answer is "It depends." In most cases, your landlord's property insurance will cover the structure of the building. READ MORE >>

Buying a condo is a sizeable investment, and one that you've likely been looking forward to for some time. With all the effort and thought you've put into making your condo a home, you should also consider protecting your assets. You can get the protection you need in the form of condo insurance. READ MORE >>

Your business relies on your skills. You may be a carpenter who can produce incredible handcrafted tables. You could be a cabinet maker, a sculptor or even a florist. No matter what type of artisan business you have, your business needs proper insurance protection in place to keep you financially protected from the risks you face. READ MORE >>

Are you hosting a concert or setting up a TV show filming? Running a big entertainment event is no easy feat, and does not come without hefty investments. Before you can even begin selling tickets or shooting footage, you have to secure a venue, vendors and equipment — none of which comes free. READ MORE >>

Baton Rouge Car Insurance In the state of Louisiana, you're required to purchase auto liability insurance, which covers the damages to other drivers following an accident that was deemed to be your fault. Still, considering the cost of cars and hospital care, the minimum requirements may not be enough to pay for all of the damages. READ MORE >>

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