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Every vehicle owner should have a reliable mechanic they can count on when car troubles happen. If you’ve been looking for a mechanic you can rely on in your area, there are a few unique steps you should take, as opposed to just choosing a name out of the phone book. READ MORE >>

Searching for a new place to rent isn't always fun. Apartments and homes in the best locations get rented out fast. This isn't just because dozens of people applied. It's also because the new tenants are highly qualified. Here are 8 tips to help your rental application stand out above all the others: READ MORE >>

People don't like to think about buying a life insurance policy, but it's something that almost everyone could use. Still, while many could benefit from a life insurance policy, it's not essential for some people. Here's a short list of those who do and do not need life insurance: READ MORE >>

Distracted driving kills more than 3,100 people in the United States every year. Any accident may impact your auto insurance rates, but this type of tragedy is 100-percent preventable. Learn more about what constitutes distracted driving and how to avoid activities that prevent you from focusing on the road. READ MORE >>

If a look out of your window reveals you have miles of cornfields and country roads around your home. On the other hand, you may spend an hour a day on a packed highway driving to and from your employer. Where you live matters to your auto insurance coverage. READ MORE >>

You might be proud of your heirloom engagement ring, or that piece of art that you inherited from a family member. You don’t want anything to happen to it, and that means protecting it in your home. Still, as many precautions as you might take to safeguard these items, you can’t prevent all damage risks. READ MORE >>

When you buy your homeowners insurance, you won’t only insure the house, but you’ll also insure the items in the home. As much as the structure, your possessions have value, and you don’t want to lose them. You’ll likely be glad to know that your homeowners insurance can help you protect your possessions. READ MORE >>

Home insurance is a requirement for many property owners. Even if you do not have a loan on your home, it is one of the most important financial investments you can make. Yet, many people want to ensure they are not overpaying for their coverage. They want the best rate for the right level of protection. READ MORE >>

Bundling is a term you may hear a lot about when purchasing insurance. In short, it is an opportunity to put multiple types of insurance together with the goal of saving money. This method can be helpful when you wish to save money on your auto insurance. Yet, many people are unsure how to access it or how to get the best price. READ MORE >>

Bed bugs are pests, and health and safety hazards. They might easily get into your home or apartment, but they are hard to destroy. Getting rid of them could also prove costly. So, if you uncover an infestation, you might wonder if you have help under your renters insurance? READ MORE >>

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