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When you buy your homeowners insurance, you won’t only insure the house, but you’ll also insure the items in the home. As much as the structure, your possessions have value, and you don’t want to lose them. You’ll likely be glad to know that your homeowners insurance can help you protect your possessions. READ MORE >>

Home insurance is a requirement for many property owners. Even if you do not have a loan on your home, it is one of the most important financial investments you can make. Yet, many people want to ensure they are not overpaying for their coverage. They want the best rate for the right level of protection. READ MORE >>

Bundling is a term you may hear a lot about when purchasing insurance. In short, it is an opportunity to put multiple types of insurance together with the goal of saving money. This method can be helpful when you wish to save money on your auto insurance. Yet, many people are unsure how to access it or how to get the best price. READ MORE >>

A devastating storm rips through your community. Your home suffers significant damage. The home insurance agent tells you that repairs are just too expensive. Instead, it wants to help you rebuild your home. Or, it wants to pay you the maximum allowable under the policy. READ MORE >>

Imagine what happens when the power goes off. Instantly, your refrigerator cannot keep food cold. Your home’s heating and cooling system cannot work. The sump pump in the basement cannot run. These are all risks. And, they can raise the risk of you having to file a home insurance claim. READ MORE >>

Wind can be powerful. Even if you do not live near the ocean or plains, it can cause damage to your home.  The roof is highly susceptible to such damage. In a flash, your roof shingles may no longer be present. You may even see the roof lift off the structure. This type of damage is very destructive. READ MORE >>

Spring is approaching. As seasonal changes beckon, you can look forward to warming weather. Often, fronts accompany the warming trend, and with these fronts might come storms.  The risk of severe weather increases during the spring. With it comes a higher risk of property damage. READ MORE >>

A home is the largest purchase most Americans will ever make. They want to protect it and their belongings in the event of an unpreventable disaster. This is why most people carry homeowners' insurance. Yet, having full coverage does not mean paying top dollar for home insurance premiums. READ MORE >>

Fires are among the most common types of claims made on home insurance policies. And they have many causes, including lightning, electrical problems or malfunctioning appliances. In some situations, your home insurance policy can cover the damages that occur as a result of the fire. READ MORE >>

If you're like many New Orleans homeowners, you probably know that home insurance is a worthwhile investment — and one often required by your mortgage lender. But with significant moving expenses to cover, you may be more concerned about the cost of a policy. So how much does a home insurance policy cost? READ MORE >>

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